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1:1 National Qualification in Leadership & Management in Primary PE CPD Package

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1:1 Support, mentoring and coaching – offering you the very best support to LEAD PE in your school. This programme provides a personalised and bespoke support package to YOU, in YOUR school, for YOUR pupils.

Covering every angle of Leadership & Management, the four days allow you time to embed best practice, monitor, report, assess and do a deep dive into the quality of PE at YOUR school for YOUR pupils. The outcome for YOU is also a National Qualification in Leadership & Management in Primary PE – Level 4 (RQF)!

Devising and implementing a strategy to improve, align and enrich your offer you’ll receive 1:1 support from Martin Radmore, national award winner and former PE adviser with over 27 years experience in supporting teachers and school staff in primary PE. It is after all – what we do – we don’t do anything else!

Book with confidence, work with experience and passion!

Contact us to get the ball rolling and initiate a discussion with Martin.

Cost: £1, 250 (inclusive of everything)  Dates: to suit YOU   Venue: YOUR school!


  • Want support to develop your PE curriculum?

  • Do YOU want to LEAD PE not just tidy the shed!

  •  We support YOU in YOUR school – maximising impact!

Our Four Day Leadership & Management in Primary PE CPD Package can provide you with individualised, contextual support in your school. 1:1 training and support!

‘It’s like having your  very own PE Adviser!’

We offer four days support, coaching and mentoring in YOUR school. This covers all the key areas of leading a successful subject and far more beside!

  • Compliance – with health and safety, with best practice, with terms and conditions of PE and sport premium
  • Full audit of your provision and pupil / staff needs (based completely on your context to have the biggest impact)
  • Assessment, Recording & Reporting
  • Monitoring – Pupil progress, achievement and engagement
  • Monitoring – the quality of teaching & learning, the quality of provision
  • Policies & procedures to impact
  • Creating a culture of positive attitudes to PE, sport, physical activity in pupils and staff
  • Risk Assessments
  • Schemes of work to support high quality PE
  • Physical activity levels, play, active breaktimes
  • The essential link between the new mandatory Health Education (2020) and PE
  • Reporting on the health of PE across the school and IMPACT of your work

We challenge and support you every step of the way to look at the quality of the education, the intent of your curriculum, how you implement it and of course the impact that it has. How you will establish positive attitudes and behaviours for learning and ensure successful holistic personal development for ALL.

This can also lead to a National Qualification in Leadership & Management in Primary PE (Level 4 RQF) should you wish to – highly recommended!

1:1 Training and support offered by Martin Radmore, national award winner, former PE Adviser for Norfolk and Bedfordshire with over 27 years experience in supporting teachers and subject leaders!

Simply complete the Contact Us form and Martin will get in touch to discuss the programme more fully with you and arrange for session 1 and the start of the full audit.

Venue: YOUR School   Dates: To suit YOU   Cost: £1, 250 (includes travel, resources, learner’s hub, certification and phone support)

Bespoke PE CPD for YOU! Perhaps the most impactful PE CPD you could get and a brilliant use of the PE and Sport Premium (now confirmed for 2019/20). This may not be available soon so make the most sustainable use of it, invest in YOU, invest in leadership & management.

4 reviews for 1:1 National Qualification in Leadership & Management in Primary PE CPD Package

  1. Martin Radmore

    I would highly recommend completing this 1:1 course with Martin. Your passion, enthusiasm, approach really made me feel very comfortable and well supported. I came away very excited about the way forward. The course was very much about our school and our priorities and how you could help us – this was through your expertise, knowledge and focus on what we need. I would highly recommend the 1:1 level 4 with you to any PE Subject Leader, who wants to really develop the leadership and management of Physical Education in their school. Having this 1:1 support with you is helping make a real difference to all pupils and staff within PE at Cedars Park.
    Dan Stagg – PE Subject Leader / EVC / KS2 Leader. Cedars Park Primary School – Stowmarket

  2. Martin Radmore

    ‘As someone very new to the role of PE subject leader I was anxious about what was involved and expected. I found that having the time to talk 1:1 relieved that anxiety as everything was geared around my learning, my school, situation and time frame. Martin was able to reassure and clear the mist which had descended! I would recommend booking onto this course as a learner to help give you the personalised attention of an expert who is clearly experienced in working in schools and understands the context in which we are learning. Having Martin in my school has also facilitated meetings with headteacher and potentially other staff to help ensure that my planning is embedded and advocated with senior management – you don’t get this on a normal course!’ – Bonnie Porter, PE Subject Leader, Bishop’s Primary Academy, Thetford

  3. Martin Radmore

    ‘Thank you Martin! You have really inspired our PE Leaders!’ – Priscilla Crane – Executive Headteacher

  4. Martin Radmore

    Thank you so much for everything so far! We feel that we are now even clearer in the direction we need to go in and how we can go about this. Your support with this was fantastic and just the support that we felt we needed! Your email follow-up regarding all the resources and equipment was amazing and will save me a huge job!’
    Donna Davies – St. Brigid’s Primary, Manchester

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