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Delivering across the UK and beyond - National Primary PE Qualifications, INSET, CPD /training, bespoke professional development, advice, support, guidance and industry consultancy. Passionate about all things Primary PE.

Every pupil has the right to a high quality entitlement and experience in PE and we work to empower YOU to ensure that. We work with you to create your vision, your picture of what high quality provision looks like, to help you build your vision - just like a jigsaw! After all you can't complete the jigsaw without knowing what the picture is!

Our strength lies in experience, vision, a focus and a passion for all things curricular PE - that provision which every child receives. Take a look at our practical national qualifications - for teaching PE and for leading PE, or our staff CPD which can be delivered in your school for your staff.

We don't really advertise either, relying on word of mouth, recommendations and customer satisfaction / retention. Take a look at what we offer or call on 01508 491628 / 07447057792 or email an enquiry via

Martin Radmore

“VisionED believes in lighting fires within people, not under them!”

High Quality Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for teaching staff is widely recognised as playing a key role in school improvement. Effective teaching requires considerable knowledge and skill that is developed over time increasing generic and subject specific competence and confidence.

We have first-hand experience of seeing this in action through our approach to working with schools for optimal impact as well as through our range of national qualifications and CPD packages. Our targeted CPD is aimed at empowering staff in schools, across the full range of roles, to develop their confidence and competence in teaching physical education (PE), physical activity and school sport.

We work to help schools by developing teachers and other school staff – to maximise the learning gains and outcomes for their pupils. We specialise in curricular PE, that which every child receives – working to ensure that this provision is as good as possible for ALL pupils. We encourage equity and equality empowering staff to deliver.

With over 28 years of experience of supporting PE and teachers, the last 7 as our own company VisionED; we are experienced in helping schools assess and develop their plans for PE and the wider PESSPA(H) agenda. We work in partnership with school leaders to identify the best quality and cost-effective CPD courses that deliver real school improvement.

Why VisionED as a name? Because without one you don’t truly know where you’re going or what you stand for, your ethos, core values or non-negotiables. Seeing and believing in the ‘big picture’ motivates, directs and allow shared efficacy and passion for the vision. Let us help you create that Vision for your pupils, their needs, their community.

“We believe in lighting fires within people not under them”

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5 March 2024

The Essential Role of Monitoring in Managing Risk in Primary PESSPA – how aware are you? I am often told by primary PE subject leaders that they have never had any time out of their class teacher role or of their teaching time to actually monitor the subject that they are charged with leading. How […]

Gymnastics & Literacy – an alignment to support learning.

6 December 2023

Link & ‘Flow’ in & through Gymnastics – supporting Literacy. For those familiar with primary gymnastics & the national curriculum ‘link & flow’ are not new words. However, over the years that I have been delivering staff CPD in & around gymnastics I have come to look at the wider connotations of these two words, […]
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