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We want all primary schools to deliver and be able to sustain, high-quality curricular PE for all their pupils, increasing their daily physical activity through a love of movement; educating them about healthy living, lifestyles, well-being and their bodies. With every school having a well-trained and strong advocate for PE in their Subject Leader - driving improvements whole school with up-skilled and empowered staff!

All this needs to be supported by coaches and opportunities through extra-curricular clubs, sport, competition and other physically demanding activities, with great links to their community and exit routes to local clubs. Work with this and implement your vision to make an impact.
"I was lucky enough to be recognised by afPE with a national award for Influence & Advocacy in PE. I want to continue to press for high quality PE, physical activity and school sport for ALL" Martin Radmore

Do you share our Vision? Join us and lets make a difference together! More and more schools and individuals are...

Martin Radmore

“VisionED believes in lighting fires within people, not under them!”

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I’ve been involved in Education in a variety of roles for more than 28 years. I know that PE has to change and is perhaps more important now than ever before for our young people. As a former PE specialist and Senior Local Authority PE Adviser / Lead Adviser with Norfolk County Council, validator for afPE, national trainer & innovator I have contributed significantly to the educational landscape in the county and nationally. Winning the afPE national award for ‘Leadership and Influence’ within the PE and school sport landscape in 2012, my passion for education burns as strong today as it ever did. Work with us if you share our intent, we’ll help you implement and make a significant impact through sequenced, progressive learning in PESSPA. We work across the whole country – contact us to discuss your specific needs.

“We use and deploy our specialist PE trained staff to great effect here at Mile Cross Primary and I can vouch from sustained personal experience for the quality of the training and the impact of those qualified. We are training two more this year to ensure a real sustainable legacy as well as high standards for our pupils. I am an advocate for what VisionED is offering”

Stuart Allen

Headteacher, Mile Cross Primary – an Outstanding Primary School in Norwich.

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afPE launch new guidance for COVID-19 in a PESSPA Context

2 June 2020

The National Subject Association – afPE has provided what can only be described as an essential read regarding interpreting the Government guidance on COVID-19 in a PESSPA context. It provides schools, colleges and settings with a practical self-review tool for risk assessment. If you haven’t already seen it then you can download the guidance here: […]

Gymnastics & Literacy – an alignment.

21 May 2020

Link & ‘Flow’ in & through Gymnastics – supporting Literacy. For those familiar with primary gymnastics & the national curriculum ‘link & flow’ are not new words. However, over the years that I have been delivering staff CPD in & around gymnastics I have come to look at the wider connotations of these two words, […]
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