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1:1 Coaching for Primary PE Subject Leaders

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Personalised professional development can make the biggest impact and through this bespoke, tailored offer, VisionED aims to bring you a different level of support.

Let us help you to become the ‘In-house Powerhouse’ capable of driving and sustaining high quality PE for all within your school, supporting, modelling, guiding, nurturing staff to be able to deliver consistent high quality PE for ALL.


We are delighted to be able to offer our experience and expertise in a new format, through 1:1 coaching for primary PE subjects leaders, whether new to the role, aspiring to the role or experienced subject leader.

The most impactful CPD is often that which makes the most impact upon us in our role and meets our personal and specific needs. Personal, bespoke, targeted professional development and dialogue can help us to gain greater knowledge, understanding or mastery.

Who is this aimed at?

Primary PE subjects leaders, whether new to the role, aspiring to the role or experienced subject leader. We have also been working with PE Subject Leaders who have completed our Level 4 national qualification in Leadership and Management in Primary PE, providing that on-going support, guidance and critical friend.

We are particularly keen to support primary PE subject leaders to become self-sustaining and able to develop and grow their own staff through be able to offer impactful ‘in-house‘ support, guidance and training. This may become highly relevant if funding ceases through the PE and sport premium and schools no longer have the funding to bring in external support to the same degree.

Through using frameworks and tools such as Instructional Coaching and Deliberate Practice we can work with you to help you develop and hone your skills, knowledge and confidence, to set realistic, reachable and compelling goals – to really LEAD the subject in your school. We can help you to develop the capacity to model and lead best practice, help you to tackle whole school issues for the subject or to support individuals who lack confidence and competence in the subject.

For example – safe and effective practice in Gymnastics and progression onto and including large apparatus. This is often the area that staff identify as their biggest anxiety. Through coaching you we can help you to support your staff in the same way, and as new staff are employed at your school, help induct them into how to maximise learning, move, handle and set up apparatus and teach on and through it. No need to buy-in expensive outside agencies to train staff – become thein-house powerhouse!

We can help you to :-

  • Identify – identify a particular issue, or contributory factor
  • Learn – listen and discuss with you how this might be addressed, possible strategies and approaches
  • Improve – apply through practice the approach discussed
  • Evaluate – look at the effectiveness of the practice, strategy, approach used and how to continue to work to improve the goal.

Through being your coach we aim to help you achieve your goals and to become an ‘in-house powerhouse‘ capable of helping develop teachers, teaching assistants and others. Whatever your needs, the approach is always bespoke to you, your context and pupils. We listen and honour the autonomy of the professional with whom we are working – you remain the decision-maker as this is all about YOU!

What do we offer?

Over 30 years of experience, much as a PE Adviser, lecturer and consultant. We only specialise in primary curricular physical education helping to ensure a tight pupil focussed way of working – especially as the PE curriculum impacts upon 100% of the pupils in your school.

We are offering 1:1 coaching sessions using ZOOM (or other platform) through which we can listen, discuss and guide. We can then engage with you to set powerful, achievable, emotionally compelling and pupil focussed goals; and then evaluate with you the best approach and potential steps. We can be there to help self-reflection and act as a sounding board to help learn and guide the improvement phase.

3 x 1 hour Zoom calls – spread over an appropriate time frame to allow you the time through practice to act upon the guidance.

More sessions can be booked as required or to tackle additional issues, aims and targets to ensure that our vision for PE in your school becomes a reality for ALL pupils.

1 review for 1:1 Coaching for Primary PE Subject Leaders

  1. Martin Radmore

    Developing subject leader CPD and setting high expectations of staff. Clear, motivating and supportive of subject leader development. Victoria Storey, Headteacher, Chesterton Primary, Cambs.

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