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Assessment in Primary PE

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Demystify Assessment in PE – empower YOUR staff and school to make effective assessments which inform teaching and embed learning.

Ditch expensive software, time consuming protocols, companies which ‘do it for you’ by providing simple, effective support to those staff teaching PE in your school.

Amanda Spielman points out that in the best cases assessment “was to be used for identifying gaps in pupils’ knowledge, skills and depth of understanding and to improve future curriculum design

Cost: £75        Dates: 2 March 2020  Venue: Norwich

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Keep it Simple – Keep it Purposeful!

These Roadshows aim to demystify ‘Assessment in Primary PE’ and show that monitoring pupil progress to inform planning and next steps can be simple.

Schools do not need to buy-in expensive software (or hardware!), ‘experts’ to come in and do it for them, companies to come in and ‘test’ pupils fitness or other complex assessment systems.

The proposed new education inspection framework sets out in simple terms that teachers should not engage in unnecessary and time-consuming assessments – make sure that what you assess and record adds value to planning, teaching and learning not time!

We seek to empower YOU to do it for yourselves, building your capacity, your resilience and sustainability.

Our approach will help subject leaders to

  • focus on what children and young people learn through the PE curriculum
  • look at outcomes in context
  • set out their Intent
  • provide a free to use adaptable framework to inform planning and recording

We will help ensure that leaders understand the limitations of assessment and do not use it in a way that creates unnecessary burdens for staff or learners but that it informs teaching and embeds learning.

Workshop style

Cost:£75             Time: 1:30 – 4:00

Dates and Venue:    2 March 2020, Norwich



1 review for Assessment in Primary PE

  1. Martin Radmore

    “This workshop has given me a clear way forward as PE subject lead” – J. Duncan (Barningham CEVC Primary)
    “Very informative and well-rounded on all aspects of PE. Informative, informal and engaging – potential for lots of impact!” – M. Mann (SGO/SSP)
    “Great delegate interaction and tutor passion / information!” – S. Green (Rougham Primary School)
    “Great opportunity to share practice, learn from a very knowledgeable practitioner and have access to a variety of key resources”. – R. Francksen (Crawford’s Primary)
    Evaluation analysis:
    Quality of Tutor: 100% Very Satisfied
    Session engagement: 100% Very Satisfied
    Will it impact in your school: 100% Very Much So
    The Content was presented at a level which could readily be understood: 100% Strongly Agree
    The Tutor knew his/her subject thoroughly: 100% Strongly Agree
    The Activities were relevant and accessible: 100% Very Much So
    Would you Recommend this course? 100% responded YES

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