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National Qualification: Leadership & Management in Primary PE (RQF – Level 4) – Fareham, HAMPSHIRE


IMPORTANT – This course can also be accessed on a 1:1 basis where we come to YOU and deliver the full national qualification to YOU in YOUR school! Therefore do not worry if it is not available as a course in your area – get in touch about accessing our 1:1 version anywhere in the country! Click HERE for details

This course is aimed specifically for school staff who are fulfilling the vital role of PE subject leader. It provides a national qualification at the same time as supporting you to develop high-quality PE in your school. This represents probably the most effective use of your PE and sport premium funding building capacity, resilience and sustainability.

“Don’t just co-ordinate PE – LEAD it!”

Organised in Partnership with:  ID PE & Sport, Succeedin & Legacy

Course Dates: 5/11/2019; 21/01/2020; 24/03/2020; 9/06/2020

Cost: £795   Venue: Stubbington Sports Club, Fareham, Hampshire PO14 2JY


National Professional Qualification in Primary PE

This course is, in our opinion, essential for all those school staff who are fulfilling (or about to fill) the vital role of PE subject leader. Providing dedicated time, expertise, whole school improvement, advocacy and collaborative, sustained CPD; this course allows YOU to formulate an effective, bespoke plan to deliver high quality PE to ALL pupils. It provides YOU with a national qualification at the same time as supporting YOU to develop high quality PE in your school! A perfect use of the PE & Sport Premium funding, evidencing impact and embedding PE at the heart of school life. From Intent, to Implementation this course is completely designed to deliver Impact and to help you evidence it, build upon it and sustain it. It can embed the new EIF (Implementation Sept 2019) and the latest Government School Sport and Activity Action Plan (July 2019), new PE and sport premium terms and conditions (2019-20) as well as the mandatory Health Education components (2020).

This course is also available as a 1:1 delivered option in YOUR school anywhere in the country. We come to YOU and deliver the same full national qualification but in your school 1:1. Click HERE for more information and to book.

We are an afPE Business Associate and our Director, Martin Radmore is a former county PE adviser, afPE validator and national award winner – ‘Influence & Advocacy’. Engage with VisionED with confidence! We only do Primary PE as we are passionate about making a difference. This course has been completed by over 350 PE coordinators and was written and developed by Martin with Gateway Qualifications – one of the UK’s leading awarding bodies.

This course is organised and in partnership with ID PE & Sports, Succeedin and Legacy Impact Report Writer.

It gives you all the tools by which to help drive systemic change in your school, create a common shared rationale for the importance of PE and physical activity in your school (supporting ‘Active Learning’) and provides the leadership to help you aspire to achieving the Association for PE’s Quality Mark Award for your school. The portfolio of evidence approach ensures that you have a very detailed understanding of your school’s standards, pupil achievement, progress and attainment supported all the way by an experienced, knowledgeable and passionate tutor.

Embedding the outcomes of new education inspection framework (EIF 2019) along with making the vital links with mandatory Health Education (2020) ensure that PE in YOUR school is relevant, reflects the needs of YOUR pupils and their community.

Make sure your schools curriculum intent is delivered through an engaging PE curriculum which makes an impact upon ALL pupils. This course also complies, compliments and delivers the outcomes required of the PE and sport premium funding.

Upskill and empower your colleagues and your school!

 Learning Outcomes:

  • Able to plan an engaging & compelling curriculum for ALL learners
  • Able to monitor standards of teaching, pupil engagement, participation and progress
  • Provide detailed reports (e.g. PE Premium / Governors)
  • Able to support colleagues to raise standards
  • Able to drive a strong ethos of high quality PE
  • Able to audit resources – both physical and human
  • Have in place up to date risk assessments, policies and procedures
  • Able to ensure PE makes a significant contribution to whole school improvement & impact of PE & sport premium
  • Lead developments and initiatives to extend, enhance, enable and engage targeted groups
  • Monitor equity and ensure inclusive practice

Qualification Level: National Qualification (RQF) – Certificate at Level 4

Qualification No. 601/2745/4

Venue: Stubbington Sports Club, 27a Stubbington Green, Fareham, Hampshire PO14 2JY

In partnership with ID PE & Sport / Succeedin and Legacy.

Start Date: Module 1  5/11/2019.          Additional dates:  Module 2 – 21/01/2020 | Module 3 – 24/03/2020 | Module 4 – 9/06/2020.



“It’s getting me to think about PE and the school in the bigger picture”
Karen Partridge (Norfolk Primary) 2018/19 Cohort

“Well organised and presented. All the tasks and info are highly relevant to the role of PE leader and have real practical application. Martin is very knowledgeable, helpful and approachable”
Michael Woodhams (Norfolk Primary) 2018/19 Cohort

“It gives any PE leader more confidence to really lead PE’
Ashley Carver (Suffolk Primary) 2018/19 Cohort

“Beneficial to ALL involved in PE Leadership!”
Ollie Winram (Suffolk Primary) 2018/19 Cohort

1 review for National Qualification: Leadership & Management in Primary PE (RQF – Level 4) – Fareham, HAMPSHIRE

  1. Martin Radmore

    ‘Before starting the PE leadership, Level 4 qualification, I was new to the role and was somewhat apprehensive about the enormity of the subject, wanting to do my best with the more limited knowledge I had. The sessions as a group left me feeling inspired, motivated and gave me the toolkit I needed to lead PE clearly and purposefully. I really enjoyed the sessions, networking with other PE leads and completing the portfolio really helped me to realise the learning journey that I had been on and highlighted how much I had learnt. It directed me to the most up date the information, guidance and pedagogy. My confidence with spending the sports premium to ensure it has the most impact and my general ability as a subject leader has increased tremendously. I would definitely recommend this course to other people in the same situation! I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity.’ Katie Marriott, Wicklewood Primary

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