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Intent & Skills Progression – Gymnastics


A simple template to support schools considering how to map their skills progression and intent in Gymnastics. Totally editable and meant as a support rather than a definitive source. Schools can use this freely, adapting it to suit their needs, SoW and pupils. Can be used with the FREE Assessment material too.



This FREE to use and adapt template will allow you to consider how to design a coherent, progressive and sequenced long-term plan for gymnastics in your primary school. It supports any scheme of work that you may be using, is completely copyright free so can be adapted, changed and updated as you want. It provides a template that can be linked to our assessment sheets which are also FREE to download and use.

Please feel free to edit and use. The key is to link these with any units of work for each year group. They are aligned with NCPE 2014 and many of the current commercial schemes. They are NOT perfect, nor are they the only way to show your coherent, planned and sequenced learning in gymnastics – be ambitious, link to your strengths, SoW, local opportunities etc. We hope that you find it useful, saves you some time or at the very least gets you to review what you are currently doing.


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