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Teaching PE in Primary Schools


Upskill your staff or yourself through this on-line PE CPD course!

This course is part of our commitment and mission to ensure that ALL pupils receive an entitlement and experience which is high-quality in their PE lessons. Providing staff with PE CPD can be tricky and it may be near impossible to get all the staff you want to attend together for a twilight! In writing this course we seek to provide a framework which will compliment any scheme of work that schools use by sharing with the learner generic principles and approaches that really work and support learning. Learners will be supported to apply these to adapt and differentiate their lessons to meet the needs of their pupils. on-line learning also helps develop a greater understanding of national curriculum physical education (PE) and how to plan an inclusive, engaging and progressive set of lessons for ALL. Through the course learners will also develop a shared efficacy for the importance and potential of high-quality PE in primary schools. It will help to upskill staff in the planning and teaching of PE in primary schools.


E-Learning: Teaching PE in Primary Schools

Develop your knowledge, understanding and confidence via this on-line CPD course

Suitable for ALL staff teaching, or supporting the teaching of primary physical education in the curriculum. An ideal ‘extra’ to support Early Career Teachers who may feel anxious due to lack of training in and around physical education as well as teachers teaching their own class PE, coaches, instructors or HLTA’s.

Legacy PlanningIf your school currently hires in staff / coaches to teach PE, then you should start to look at how you will sustain curricular PE beyond the funding. With the recent Government announcement of two years of PE and sport premium guaranteed, schools could start to consider upskilling their staff who may/will have to teach PE after the funding goes as external coaches will no longer be affordable. This two year window gives you strategic time to plan and implement effective CPD to raise staff confidence and competence in teaching high-quality PE.

This new on-line course is aimed specifically at providing valuable CPD to primary school staff engaged in teaching or supporting PE. Therefore, it is perfect for QTS (including ECT) staff as well as instructors, HLTA’s, TA’s, Cover Supervisors etc. It is part of our mission to ensure that ALL pupils receive an entitlement to high quality physical education within the curriculum. We work to empower staff and schools.

This course provides schools with a highly cost-effective on-line learning tool for any of its staff making it incredibly good value and a perfect use of PE and sport premium as it up-skills staff and raises the profile of PE in the school! It also provides a valuable framework to support teachers and others plan, differentiate and engage pupils in and through PE. Learners on the course will be able to gain valuable insight into teaching PE based on the national curriculum and fully aligned with any scheme of work that schools may be using either commercial (such as Get Set 4 PE, Primary PE Planning, The PE Hub etc.) or self-written.

Delegates will be able to work their way through the short two-part course to gain a Certificate of Completion. Delegates will also develop a shared efficacy and understanding for the role of PE and the potential for PE to work cross-curricular, making it an ideal legacy tool to raise the profile and staff competence. The course is about learning in and through PE.

Through this course, learners will develop a greater understanding and awareness of what PE is within the primary phase, what we are expected to teach and how to teach it. This course understands that the majority of schools now have in place a planned, sequenced and progressive scheme of work which provides a detailed set of lesson plans for each year group etc. This course provides a focus on the generic teaching principles that will allow you to really teach high quality PE by adapting the lesson plans to suit your pupils needs – to engage them, to make the learning more accessible, to challenge and to include.

It is broken into two parts for ease and where Part 2 focuses almost exclusively upon the actual areas of activity.

Learners will:

  • Develop their understanding of what PE in primary schools’ entails
  • Understand the requirements of the national curriculum in relation to PE
  • Develop greater confidence in planning lessons applying common principles and pedagogical approaches
  • Develop competence in adapting planning to suit pupils needs
  • Use formative assessment to ensure progress
  • Develop their understanding of planning and teaching across the five areas of activity – Gymnastics, Games, Dance, Outdoor and Adventurous Activities (OAA) and Athletics
  • Understand the importance of planning for engagement, inclusion, challenge, equity, transitions and more
  • Apply what they have learnt in teaching PE within their own school
  • Through whole school access gain a greater shared efficacy of the potential impact of PE on whole school improvement issues
  • Explore teaching strategies and approaches for each area of activity
  • Develop deeper knowledge of engaging pupils through the areas of activity maximising learning opportunities wherever possible
  • Explore materials and resources, as appropriate to support implementation of curriculum plans
  • Review key stage expectations and progression across the key areas of activity



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