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MSA Training – Promoting Physical Activity & Positive Play


Training and support for developing positive play and active playtimes in your school. Increase the communication between staff across the school, increase MSA’s confidence to engage and interact with pupils. Develop policies, zone your playground, redefine playtimes, introduce golden rules and simply make your lunchtimes more positive – they are after all 20% of the average school day and hold the key to successful learning in the afternoons!


CPD for your Midday Supervisors

So often an after thought – but playtimes, including lunchtime can account for 20% of the school day. We also know only too well what happens to learning after lunch if pupils have not had a good lunchtime!

This CPD is designed to compliment an approach to embed physical activity and positive play in the primary school. It recognises the potential that MSA’s have to influence the learning and well-being of all pupils if they are valued, upskilled and supported.

We develop with you the content for the session based on our experience over 25 years of working in primary schools as a trainer. Each session is bespoke and designed to meet your needs. Some schools have needed more input, some less – all this is decided through discussion and collaboration.

Whether it is about raising the profile of MSA’s, improving effective communication, zoning the playground, play leaders, sports leaders, positive play, resourcing – let’s talk about how we can help you to help yourself.

If you want your pupils to be more active, stay safe, behave better, develop themselves, make better progress then have a conversation with us – Contact Martin Radmore on 01508 491628

If you want your MSA’s to be more engaged, enjoy their role, interact and play with pupils more then call us.


“Martin’s subject knowledge was perfect for the session and gave our MSA’s a real feeling of enthusiasm and excitement at putting into practice simple but effective games with all our pupils, helping to keep them active and having fun!”

“Fun, practical – it worked so well with all our different staff. The usefulness and quality of support materials was excellent. The training will help provide more activity at lunchtimes for our pupils”

“Thank you! I wasn’t sure what to expect but that was great! It is so nice to feel that we are being included and consulted”

“We can really use what you have shown us. Thank you for helping us and the school see our role in more of a positive way!”


Martin Radmore – 01508 491628 or en*******@vi******.uk to get the ball rolling and discuss your schools needs.


£350 per half-day session. Where appropriate travel @ 0.50p/mile.



3 reviews for MSA Training – Promoting Physical Activity & Positive Play

  1. Martin Radmore

    ‘It really makes you think what you can do to make it more enjoyable at lunchtime for the children.’ – Tracy
    ‘Very informative, great fun to participate in, a lot of good ideas!’ – Jade

  2. Martin Radmore

    ‘I really enjoyed the practical! It made me see how much fun you can have with the children!’ – Lizzie Hodge

  3. Martin Radmore

    ‘It was both fun and very informative and can be implemented on the playground quickly.’ – Linda Lingham
    ‘It provided good ideas to keep children active.’ – Kelly Lewis
    Cedars Primary, Stowmarket, Suffolk

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