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Teaching Curricular Athletics – Primary Staff CPD


A twilight CPD session for staff exploring maximising the pupils’ learning in athletics within the curriculum. Helping teachers to understand and know how to progress learners, assess learners and help them know more and do more.

Extending from the basic motor competencies to cover principles, strategies, tactics and rules as well as how to promote active participation. This session sits well within the new non-statutory guidance for PE from DFE and represents an excellent way to support staff development, confidence and competence in line with the priorities for PE and sport premium.


Teaching Athletics in the curriculum is far more than simply preparing the pupils for Sports Day!

This staff CPD session, delivered as a twilight, helps staff to think about and understand the principles of teaching athletics and progression across the years. It helps teachers to ‘know more‘ and ‘do more‘ which can be translated effectively into the learning for pupils so that they too know more and can do more in athletics. Help them to understand what it means to get better in athletics.

From teaching the basic motor competencies of run, jump and throw to developing the event specific language, techniques and understanding. This CPD works alongside any scheme of work as it is about the planning of, organisation and delivery of knowledge, understanding and skills. It supports the concept of developing the strands of ‘Run, Jump and Throw’ and how best to organise the pupils learning to maximise the impact of learning in and through athletics as an area of activity.

Ensure that your pupils make progress in their knowledge and skills across the year rather than simply doing the same activities, the same way across the years. Help your pupils to master the basics of running, jumping and throwing and extending this to their understanding and knowledge of throwing events, jumping events and running events.

The session will also help raise awareness of how to start an effective Athletics club to extend opportunities and encourage the school to link with local opportunities within their community.

Please note that Travel @50p/mile will need to be added to the overall session cost.


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