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Games Assessment Framework


Assessment Framework for Games across the Primary School.

This simple to use assessment framework is available to download in Microsoft Word. This allows you to adapt, use and / or modify with ease. Keep the focus on progression, keep the assessment criteria down to a manageable number with the guidance on selecting the number of criteria from across the five strands supporting NCPE2014.

Also available,  Gymnastics and Dance Frameworks


These sheets, ranging from KS1, to Yrs 3-6, are designed to be used to give you a strategic overview of how pupils are progressing through their national curriculum experience. The sheets are designed in Microsoft Word so that you can adapt them, delete the criteria that you will not be using in order to ensure a more manageable approach to assessment in PE. Don’t over complicate it – Keep it simple – but effective. These frameworks show progression over time, reflect the NCPE 2014 requirements and focus on five areas within the pupils experience – Supporting the aims of NCPE 2014, developing competence and skills, understanding and applying, evaluating and improving performance & knowledge and understanding of fitness and health.

Keeps your focus on teaching by informing you about progress.

Also available – Gymnastics, Athletics and Dance Frameworks


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