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Whole School / Cluster INSET – Develop High Quality Gymnastics for All

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Did YOUR PE skills audit show colleagues were unsure about teaching gymnastics?

If so then this CPD was designed to help you address this.

This Whole School INSET day or twilight programme, provides an ideal support package for schools who want their teachers and staff to develop a better understanding of the potential for learning for all within gymnastics – how to plan, teach and assess progress, deliver high quality, engaging lessons for ALL. Perfect for PE & Sport Premium Compliance. Covering curricular gymnastics from health and safety (demystifying it!), floorwork and progression onto apparatus, building a sequence, assessing progress and engaging all pupils.

Highly recommended in addressing the No 1 concern of non-specialist primary teachers!

Half-day INSET (am or pm only) £350



Want to ensure ALL staff feel confident to deliver Gymnastics?

Let us help you ensure confidence, confidence, consistency and quality

This Primary Phase INSET is aimed specifically at all those in school who teach PE. It provides a proven, robust framework for engaging ALL pupils in & through Gymnastics. This course Improves Confidence, Knowledge, Skills & Competence of staff in line with Key Indicator 3 of PE & Sport Premium requirements.

This INSET provides an ideal support package for school, teachers and others teaching PE who want to develop a better understanding of the potential for learning for ALL within gymnastics – how to plan, teach and assess progress. Resources, planning and assessment are covered along with how to teach for ALL rather than the few that may go onto compete in a School Games event or similar competition.

The safe, effective use and deployment of all types of apparatus is covered in detail along with safety, progression and skill development. This course is extremely effective in helping YOU to develop a love and passion for teaching high quality PE. Core skills, core knowledge and understanding make this a must for anyone who does not feel confident in the use of apparatus or the teaching of gymnastics. The course comes with FREE resources to support teaching, assessment and planning of Gymnastics across the primary phase.

This course is available as a whole school INSET on a closure day, or can be delivered over a series of twilights to suit YOU.

Your Doubled PE Premium Funding can fully fund this course. This is exactly what the funding recommends and requires being totally aligned with the terms and conditions of the grant and the aims and purpose of the funding. Contact us to discuss your needs and check availability.

Please note that travel costs will need to be included in your booking. These are calculated based on 50p/mile. 

Use the Contact US form to submit an enquiry about dates etc. We’ll get back you as quickly as possible as we love helping schools!

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4 reviews for Whole School / Cluster INSET – Develop High Quality Gymnastics for All

  1. Martin Radmore

    Evaluation from East Harling Primary (Norfolk) – summary
    Quality of Tutor: 100% Meeting learners needs: 100% Impact on teaching: 86% Impact on school: 86%
    Teacher Comments:
    Enjoyed the day, was not expecting it to be quite so physical but very informative for all!
    Excellent – very well presented – fun, really enjoyed it!
    Well run course – tutor very engaging!
    Tutor gave clear instructions and the activities were easy to follow
    Really well delivered – no pressure to participate
    Thank you! I learnt a lot and it will have an immediate impact on my teaching
    Very good delivery in a fun, interactive way
    Helping children to improve their own awareness of space and routines
    I really liked the biology links eg heart, circulation, bones and muscles
    Excellent balance of listening and active participation, non-threatening for those less confident

  2. Martin Radmore

    I can honestly say it was one of my most useful courses I have been on. It will have a direct effect on my teaching and it has hugely boosted my knowledge and confidence too. It was an engaging session that I would recommend to all.
    Emily Aldred – Albert Pye Community Primary School

  3. Martin Radmore

    If I am honest, the thought of 3 hours Gymnastics CPD filled me with dread! However, Martin soon reassured us all! The session was fast-paced, appropriate, fun, educational and highly relevant. Thank you! I will definitely use the approaches in my Year 4 lessons. As an ‘experienced’ teacher it was so beneficial to have a refresher of excellent classroom practice!
    Thank you!
    Clare B. – Year 4 Teacher at Hampton Hargate Primary – Peterborough

  4. Martin Radmore

    When asked if they would recommend this CPD to other teachers this is what some of the staff wrote:
    ‘So many great take aways to help improve PE lessons. Great use of linking to literacy.’ – S. McCraw
    ‘Very engaging. Practical ideas to ensure creativity and success for all!’ – A. Snowden
    ‘Enables you to gain confidence with teaching gymnastics and think about the reasons why children need to learn key skills’ – Rhiannon
    ‘Felt it was hugely engaging and gave me loads of fab ideas!’ – B. Wilkinson
    ‘Yes, I would, because it was very practical so I could immediately apply it to my own practice.’ – Kori
    ‘It was fun and engaging and, despite being something which has frightened me as a teacher in the past, I feel much more confident to teach it in future’ – C. Warren
    ‘Amazing way to gain understanding of how to structure a session and build skills allowing children the opportunity to lead and take ownership of their learning.’ – S. Cooper
    ‘Yes – both practical and engaging, with lots of information that is relevant.’ – J. Rawlinson

    Staff comments from St. Matthew’s CE Primary Academy, Ipswich 3/01/2023

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