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Dance in the Curriculum CPD

We have developed a working relationship with the wonderful Eve Murphy at Dance to School in order to help provide you with a link to high quality Dance within the primary curriculum. This will help to ensure those schools who work with us, or find our website from recommendations etc. are able to contact Eve and discuss their specific needs in terms of Dance.



Dance in the Curriculum – CPD

A working partnership with Dance to School – to help schools develop Dance

If your school is looking for high quality CPD on Dance within the Primary school curriculum, then we are delighted to let you know that we are working with Dance to School as an organisation to help offer just that!

Eve Murphy, at Dance to School, is a highly qualified professional with over 20 years’ experience and industry insight, following a successful career as a PE Teacher and School Sports Co-ordinator, as well as being a truly passionate advocate of all things creative and physically active. In 2010, Dance to School was conceived with a vision of – creating a valuable dance resource and training, to enable schoolteachers to teach high quality curriculum dance – a vision that Eve has successfully brought to fruition.

Today, Dance to School is recognised as a fully digital offering, following a partnership between Dance to School and PE Passport in 2018. Their full face to face training proposition is now available online for a completely digital and convenient experience. Users can access online lesson plans, develop their own content, and benefit from an exclusive interactive community area, enabling Dance to School subscribers to ‘teach, create and share’ high quality dance lessons on demand, and with ease.

Eve’s skills and experience as a Content Developer, CPD Deliverer and vast specialist knowledge, coupled with PE Passports’ innovative digital capabilities makes Dance to School a leading online dance platform for teachers. This provides teachers, PE Leads, and SGO’S with the confidence and reliance that they will greatly benefit from Dance to School’s solution.

You can see their range of CPD – both on-line and in-person by clicking and following the link below. Please note that this takes you away from our website and onto the Dance to School website. We hope that you find this useful and supportive of your needs.


Dance to School


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