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Outdoor & Adventurous Activities (OAA) – Twilight CPD

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Audience: All teachers, support staff, instructors
One of our most popular sessions for staff, MATs and Universities, National Institutes.

PE can be so much more than just Games! Recent Ofsted Subject Report recommended that more schools should teach this area of activity to pupils.
This area of the PE curriculum is full of potential – to develop the wider skills and attributes/attitudes of your pupils, to support their growth and development. It helps build resilience, perseverance, trust, collaborative working and so so much more. With a focus on Plan Do and Review as opposed to simply the outcome – OAA has the power to really engage ALL pupils as well as catering for their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Why not book a session for your staff and build your PE programme to include this area of activity – you’ll never regret it – and more importantly your pupils will love it!


Outdoor & Adventurous Activities (OAA) – Twilight Staff Training

OAA is the hidden gem of the PE curriculum with so much to offer all pupils, staff and schools – especially as we emerge from the global pandemic. With a focus on the ‘How’ rather than the outcome, OAA can help schools to present pupils with planned and sequenced activities that help develop cognitive, emotional, social and physical skills. Teamwork, collaboration, communication, problem-solving, trust, resilience, perseverance are all key features of OAA activities!

This Twilight CPD offer will show you this and help embed this amazing area of activity in your school. Aligned with other whole school activities, or residential experiences it can make incredible cross-curricular connections consolidating and extending learning.

Fun, fast paced and with a host of teaching resources left with you, this makes a great piece of training for all your staff as well as well-being and team-bonding!

This session is always bespoke to your needs and site. Talk to us and let’s talk about what you want and need! We love this area of activity and reckon you will too! Give it a chance!

We can deliver this anywhere in UK but please note that Travel will be charged as appropriate at a rate of 50p per mile.

5 reviews for Outdoor & Adventurous Activities (OAA) – Twilight CPD

  1. Martin Radmore

    “Interactive with ideas for across every year group. Quick but engaging activities that need little resourcing. Questioning ideas / assessment opportunities” – Raylene Plimner

  2. Martin Radmore

    “Lots of ways in which activities would improve well-being, team building and strategies of class. Lots of links to other subjects like blindfold trust activity link to science – senses” – Fiona Whyte

  3. Martin Radmore

    Lots of great ideas which i can adapt to EYFS. Allow the children to work things out for themselves in a practical manner. The session was practical but not too strenuous – which I had been worried about!” – Sarah Aggreh, EYFS

  4. Martin Radmore

    “Lots of easy to plan / resource activities shared with a fun and light-hearted course leader. Lots of activities to try out. Take away the Plan – Do- Review and stand back and observe approach. Useful and easy to implement ideas.” – Liz Clarke

  5. Martin Radmore

    ‘Really practical & simple ideas which can be dropped into lessons. Resilience, teamwork and cooperative skills will improve now staff are confident’
    Twilight OAA session delivered @ Stoke Holy Cross Primary – Stephen Berry (PE Leader) and staff rated the session ‘Excellent’ across all the categories on the evaluation. 18/09/2023

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