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Supporting, Monitoring and Evaluating Standards in Primary PE


Do you want help in ensuring that you are monitoring and evaluating the quality and standards of your physical education curriculum?

We are frequently asked to support schools wanting to improve their teaching and learning in PE or even just to start the process of monitoring and evaluation. We work with you to ensure that evaluation of what you monitor is put in place and that appropriate actions / interventions are initiated to help improve staff confidence and competence in planning, teaching and assessing PE in your school.

We support new subject leaders, experienced leads to evidence where they are and what the quality of their provision is like for ALL pupils within the curriculum. Read more and then contact us to talk through your needs and how we can work with you to ensure that your legacy from the PE and sport premium is a high-quality PE offer and that ALL pupils are inspired, succeed and excel across the curriculum.


Supporting, Monitoring and Evaluating Standards in Primary PE

We are often asked to support schools looking at their standards of teaching and learning and pupil achievement. To provide an element of external scrutiny, to help monitor impact of school-based actions / initiatives. We work with your PE Subject Leader and others to support you to review standards, to have the confidence in your own judgements and how to use the opportunity for monitoring to help shape your action plans and specific interventions.

Working alongside PE leaders we can ensure context and understanding allowing us to make far more impactful observations to guide and support your PE development. We only do this for curricular physical education, that which ALL pupils will experience and can provide you with a full range of cost-effective packages for all budgets, all sizes of schools, Multi Academy Trusts etc.

We can use our expertise and experience to help you show and evidence the impact of your investment in PE or help you refocus on curriculum development.

We also support those NEW to the role or those who have never had the opportunity of monitoring teaching or developing a programme of support for their own staff in terms of teaching and learning in PE. We help with the where to start, what to look for, how to put systems in place and start a culture of professional learning in teaching PE at your school.

We look at learning – identifying key signs that pupils are engaged, learning and happy. We support you with planning, guidance on curriculum and content progression. We always invest time talking with you first, understanding your needs, your context and community. This way we feel that we can make the biggest impact for you through bespoke, tailored support.

If this sounds like what you need or could benefit from then get in touch and let’s start a conversation that can lead to us working with you and for the benefit of your pupils. Contact us today via email: en*******@vi******.uk or get in touch via phone: 07447057792 / 01508 491628.

Half-day: £350 plus travel (indicated on invoice @50p/mile)

Full day: £600 plus travel (indicated on invoice @50p/mile)


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