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ZOOM CPD – Gymnastics Training

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With the current Covid landscape and the need to provide ‘secure’ settings for staff and pupils our new ZOOM based training can help ensure your staff receive the CPD they are entitled to and need whilst following Covid secure requirements.

“Martin, thank you, that was one of the best Zoom staff meetings we have had, fast paced and informative.”              – Helen Kemp, Executive Headteacher, Corvus Education Trust


Your booking is bespoke to your school and setting. We tailor the delivery to meet your needs, resources available, staffing, pupils. Each session is pre-planned with YOU and we build resources to accompany and support the session.

Using Zoom allows us to offer break-out rooms allowing your staff ‘bubbles’ to operate intact or to support staff colleagues who may be self-isolating etc. Sessions can also therefore be tailored to deliver foci specific to KS1 classes and KS2 classes making potentially a greater impact. We’ll talk to you about this to help plan your session, the level of interactivity etc.




On-line Delivery in YOUR School via ZOOM

Curricular Gymnastics – including Apparatus Handling and Safe Use for Learning

This whole staff / training / CPD has been designed to meet the rising need and the current global pandemic. Using video conferencing capabilities through Zoom we are able to offer effective, impactful CPD for YOU which includes:

  • Bespoke pre-session planning with YOU to ensure meeting YOUR needs
  • Targeted content based on above
  • Live Chat – ability for staff to raise questions during session
  • Registration (if required) allows staff to raise questions specifically about session (anon) prior to Zoom session
  • Break-out rooms to allow staff to remain in ‘Bubbles’
  • Key stage specific tasks – accessing Break-out rooms
  • Interactive sessions
  • Resources – shared pre-course (where appropriate), during course or post course
  • Certificates of Attendance if required

We can cover all curricular aspects from guidance on planning, teaching and assessing pupil progress. Sessions can be active or interactive and accessed anywhere (at home, in ‘bubble’, in the hall, class-base etc.)

Popular themes for Gymnastics Twilight CPD has included:

  • Progressing from Floor to Apparatus (also linking Literacy)
  • Apparatus Handling – safety and placement for Learning
  • What do we have to teach? – and How?
  • Assessing Progress

Book your staff Gymnastics Curriculum CPD with us through ZOOM – just click add to basket

We’ll then contact you specifically to discuss dates / timings and to tailor your session. If you want to discuss more then just call us or send an email via enquiries@visioned.org.uk 

6 reviews for ZOOM CPD – Gymnastics Training

  1. Martin Radmore

    Recent evaluation from a London Primary School
    When considering the CPD session you have ‘attended’ tonight, how would evaluate the session?
    • Excellent – the tutor was knowledgeable and provided ideas which I can use quickly – 78%
    • Very Good – knowledgeable tutor who engaged me via Zoom – 22%

  2. Martin Radmore

    PE Lead comment:
    “It has been a pleasure working with you. I will ensure I keep in touch and if possible, get you to do a Zoom Inset on OAA for us next”
    [Our staff evaluation showed that this was what staff wanted next in terms of their CPD]

  3. Martin Radmore

    SCITT Consortia:
    100% of trainees reported that the session had boosted their confidence (48% – Yes I feel much more confident, 30% – Yes and I am taking away ideas to use in my teaching, 22% – Yes very much so, excited to try out new ideas).
    100% of trainees rated the session as Good or Better on their evaluation exit poll – with 52% ticking – Engaging & well presented through Zoom, 33% – Engaging & Informative as the tutor was very knowledgeable, 15% – Good, useful ideas & consolidating my learning.

  4. Martin Radmore

    Trainee Primary Teachers:
    Really interesting and breakout tasks were really helpful
    Good and informative.
    The gymnastics session was great, its a shame to have been online for an interactive session, but Martin tried to adapt it as much as possible. The information shared was v.useful and will definitely be applied in my future practice.
    I imagine it was difficult to try and present something so hands on over zoom but the session was really useful
    This session was well adapted to support the online training. I particular liked how Martin had ‘Key points’ presented – made note taking a little easier.
    A really nice introduction into Gymnastics in primary, covering lots of subject matter ranging from how it should be done to safety issues. Feel more confident now as a result.
    A very practical session!
    I found this lesson very interesting and I now feel a lot better when it comes to teaching Gymnastics.

  5. Martin Radmore

    Martin, thank you, that was one of the best Zoom staff meetings we have had, fast paced and informative.
    Helen Kemp – Executive Headteacher, Corvus Education Trust

  6. Martin Radmore

    “I just wanted to thank you on behalf of Watton Junior School for yesterday’s PE session on Zoom, it was absolutely fantastic and really informative!”
    Kind Regards, Joshua Hill, PE Subject Leader

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