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Gymnastics & Literacy – FREE Template


FREE Gymnastics Apparatus Vocabulary Picture Display Template

Help make the link with Literacy by displaying the common primary apparatus display cards showing the word for each piece. Helps ensure pupils (and staff) have a common understanding of what pieces of apparatus are called as well as how the words appear and are spelt.


Gymnastics Apparatus – FREE Vocabulary Display Template

A visual display of most of the types of apparatus commonly found in primary schools. These slides allow you to show the pupils the ‘vocabulary’ linked to Gymnastic Apparatus. Placing the appropriate card above where the apparatus is located can also ensure tidiness, consistent use of vocabulary and visual spelling prompts.

Schools can add specific pictures of their own equipment or use the blank slide to create new vocab cards. Makes a great display and of course helps introduce words to pupils whilst ensure a common shared vocabulary for each piece of apparatus for staff and pupils.

Links to our work on Link and Flow in Gymnastics to support Literacy. See our Blog for more information.


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