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PE Assistant Template

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We believe that every ;lesson is for learning and that even those unable to take a fully active part in the lesson can be focussed and occupied. Lessons are for learning.

This simple template is designed to save you time but help you to engage pupils who may not be able to take part in PE. They will need to listen to lesson objectives, understand them, look for them being achieved in their peers, record this, discuss this and demonstrate an understanding of all that has happened in the learning.


This simple WORD template is designed to help you engage pupils who may not be able to take an active part in PE or physical activity. This may be due to illness or lack of available, suitable kit.

It can also provide a way in which any pupil could be assessed in terms of through his/her knowledge and understanding of the learning tasks set by you. Provide them with an iPad or similar to capture key aspects of their peers performance etc.

Don’t underestimate the power of focussing the pupil’s learning in on the lesson objectives and evaluative processes. Pictures taken can also be used in assessment, display or to ensure A.R.E.

Easily adapted and added to. Why not add you school logo……

1 review for PE Assistant Template

  1. Martin Radmore

    “Thank you for this great resource! I have used this and now shared with all staff. I have used it as it and found that pupils are attentive to lesson objectives and focus in on the children who are achieving this so that they can demonstrate an understanding of the lesson. Keeps them learning whilst recovering from illness etc. Thank you for sharing this resource.” – Sarah, PE Leader – Manchester Primary
    ……thank you Sarah for your feedback, glad that the concept is working so well for you and your colleagues.

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