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Sharing Practical Approaches – No. 2 – T.I.B.

23 January 2021

Spotlight on T.I.B. – This Is Because, as an approach to setting the pupils learning in context

This Is Because [TIB]

We all appreciate how important it is to share the learning outcomes with our pupils whether through WALT / WILF / WAGOLL1 et al. This simple approach adds more depth to this by helping the pupils to understand ‘why’ they are learning this.

 TIB explicitly describes the purpose of the learning. It might clearly make connections to other skills or understanding or articulate the application of the concept. In simple terms it helps the pupils to grasp why we are learning this and how it will help them.

Understanding the ‘why’ can be extremely helpful for motivating pupils and also to help encourage independent, successful learners who can ‘create’ rather than just simply ‘remember’ (Bloom’s Taxonomy). TIB can help to develop deeper learning – where pupils are applying, analysing, evaluating and synthesising new learning.

The simple sheet sets out how This Is Because can be used and why it is in our opinion an important tool in our teaching ‘toolkit’. Have a look. Try it and see if you feel that pupils are clearer, more focused and engaged as a result. This is the second approach in a mini-series.

Download the resource FREE by clicking on the link below:

TIBs – Setting the Learning in Contextv01

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