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Train Gain Sustain – build a lasting legacy in PE

8 July 2022

With the PE and sport premium to continue at £320 million for 2022-23 there has never been a better opportunity to focus on building a sustainable legacy from the £2.2bn investment to date. Train your staff so that they Gain the high levels of subject and pedagogical knowledge and so that through the teaching by all staff you can sustain high-quality PE into the future, beyond the premium.

‘We must provide CPD that will embrace their pupils’ needs and empower practitioners to be confident to teach PE and advocate so that it can be placed at the front and centre of the school. Please invest this funding so that it will leave a legacy for future generations, small steps will create great change’.

Sue Wilkinson MBE – CEO Association for Physical Education (afPE)

Like afPE and others, we urge schools to invest now in staff CPD, build and sustain staff confidence and competence in teaching PE in your school. Here at VisionED we provide both National qualifications specific to primary PE as well as a full and comprehensive ability to deliver CPD to your staff through INSET, Twilights, on-line or in-person. We receive excellent learner feedback and testimonies like this for our national qualification in Leadership and Management in Primary PE –

‘In terms of the structure of the course, I feel like it takes you on the perfect journey as a subject leader. It has enabled me to look systematically at our practice, celebrate achievements and make amendments and refinements where necessary based on best practice. Ultimately, we all want what is best for our children and this course enables you to reflect and learn what ‘best practice’ is and how we can provide the opportunities for ALL of our children to achieve the very best outcomes. As I said above, your support has been invaluable! I would definitely recommend this course! It has made my confidence soar and I really do feel like I am doing the best possible job I can as a P.E. subject leader. Thank you so much again!’        Melissa – PE Subject Leader – Manchester
Visit our Courses Qualifications CPD page on our website (Click Here) for more details but remember too that you can contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help you through specific, bespoke CPD. This is what we do.
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