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On-line! Primary PE Leaders Coaching & Mentoring Programme


Bespoke, unique support for you and your school in and through PE

This new three part programme provides you with your own PE Adviser! You’ll be working with your own adviser who has over 27 years of experience in this specific field; a national award winner, former senior county PE adviser, validator, lecturer, tutor and assessor.

Following the framework you’ll benefit from coaching and / or mentoring to look at how your provision – your core curricular provision for physical education is set out and planned. Video calls will allow you to have frank and open conversations, discussions and feedback on all that you require to review, reflect upon and drive systemic improvement in your school.

This course will help you develop your ‘road map’ for PE, school sport and physical activity in your school.


Bespoke Primary PE Leaders Coaching & Mentoring Programme 

This exciting new programme brings together everything we have developed to support individual primary PE subject leaders to plan & justify their own bespoke curriculum. It will help ensure that they can set out and explain the learning journey and outcomes for their pupils to ensure that they engage colleagues and others (e.g. Ofsted Deep Dive).

This course carries a certificate of Continued Professional Development from VisionED.

With elements of both coaching & mentoring it is about YOU, YOUR school and more importantly YOUR PUPILS. Our expertise and experience from over 27 years as a PE Adviser is brought to bear to help you set out the learning, to plan and sequence it in such a way as to maximise the learning potential and outcomes for all pupils despite their various starting points.

The programme is structured around a framework for development – our ‘Big Picture for PE’ and deals principally with physical education, the planned, progressive learning which every child receives through the curriculum. Set into three sessions via video call you’ll discuss and consider how your planning for physical education & PESSPA as a whole can be implemented, monitored and sustained.

Session 1 The Bigger Picture & PE (PESSPA)

After an initial task to set out the MAT and / or Schools Vision, values, aims, priorities and curriculum design principles you’ll be guided through a discussion using these to consider your unique context, your pupils needs and the opportunities for PE (PESSPA) at your school. How will / could PE (PESSPA) contribute to the wider priorities of the MAT / School? What are the strengths of PE (PESSPA) now? What could be the role of PE (PESSPA) for the future needs of your pupils? What are you trying to achieve? What will be the end points that you, as a school, want to achieve for your pupils?

Session 2 Creating your Vision for PE (PESSPA)

After feedback and listening to your thoughts from session 1 you’ll start to look at how your curriculum for PE (PESSPA) will align with the wider vision but meet the specific needs of your pupils. What will be your vision (intent), your set of core-values and offer? Putting this together to form your long-term plan (curriculum map / skills progression map) right down to individual lesson plan support for colleagues. You’ll also look at keeping down the workload, focussing on assessment which informs planning and practice along with implementation ideas such as staff CPD audits, schemes of work, maps etc.

Session 3 Implementation & Impact – developing, improving & sustaining high quality PE (PESSPA)

Again after feedback, discussion and listening to your thoughts and actions from previous work we’ll move on together to look at monitoring, engaging, checking and challenging your PE provision. All the sessions are based on practical application and do not require you to submit and form of essay, dissertation or project. The key component in all of the work through the programme is that it is your PE programme that you are developing – unique to your setting. You’ll be able to talk about the logic behind and rationale for the curriculum in your school, advocate its features, its strengths so that others can to, align your provision with the wider agenda, embedding PE at the heart of the school.

By the end of the programme we expect that you’ll be able to help your colleagues understand how the learning is planned and sequenced in and through PE (PESSPA) so that they grasp how they choose the learning content and progress it in the sequence. You’ll also be able to develop your ‘road map’ to illustrate the journey!



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