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NEW! Primary Schools PE CPD Package – SAVE BIG!


A brand new approach to supporting teachers (QTS) and school staff to gain increased confidence, skills, knowledge and competence in teaching high quality PE for all within the primary school setting. Covering the major areas of the curriculum in detail, looking at planning, teaching, assessing, schemes of work, safety and much more. This package presents a dynamic and flexible programme to empower staff development in YOUR school. Choose from a whole school staff twilight and five full places across any of our practical PE courses for 2019-20 or just send six delegates on the courses that they / you identify as required. Either way you’ll save money whilst ensuring that you develop your staff and make a sustainable impact.

Upskill yourself, your staff and gain confidence in teaching Gym, dance, games, athletics, OAA and even physical development in the early years.

Package programme starts September 2019 for the academic year – CPD days across the year identified by you from our menu.

Venue for CPD Courses: Norwich based primary schools

Venue for Twilight: YOUR school!


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Primary PE CPD Package – offering you a new dynamic, flexible approach to providing high quality PE CPD to your staff

This new package / offer for 2019-20 academic year has been introduced due to demand from teachers (QTS) and schools who want their staff to have access to quality assured CPD across all aspects of the PE curriculum to boost their skills, knowledge, confidence and competence to teach high quality PE. This is in direct response to the national key indicator 3 of the PE and sport premium reporting, accountability framework and growing calls for more impact.

Teachers and support staff can of course attend the Level 3 National Qualifications course to obtain this level of competence and confidence. This leads to a national qualification in primary PE but isn’t for everyone – so we have listened!

This new Primary School PE CPD Package offers schools a dynamic and flexible approach to the provision of PE CPD for their staff. Some teachers / TA’s need confidence boosting in gymnastics whilst others Dance or schools want to use OAA to develop greater well-being, transferrable skills etc. This package empowers you to support your staff by providing you in effect with six full places across any of our one day practical courses (Gymnastics, Dance, Games, OAA, EYFS, Athletics and Supporting the Learning Poolside) or use one CPD session as a school based twilight in Gymnastics, gymnastics apparatus safety or OAA – the choice is yours.

Schools can use our FREE PE Skills Audit template to identify staff needs and then plan effective, quality assured CPD to meet their needs.

Primary PE CPD Package – an overview of your options. Schools can choose one from whole staff options 1-3 as well as sending staff on one day courses. You have six fully paid places across the practical PE programme offered by VisionED

  1. Gymnastics and floorwork (staff school based twilight)
  2. Gymnastics – progression to apparatus and safety (staff school based twilight)
  3. Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA) – a staff school based twilight

and or

  1. Gymnastics one day CPD Course
  2. Dance one day CPD Course
  3. Early Years Physical Development and Physical Literacy one day CPD Course
  4.  Outdoor Adventurous Activities (OAA) one day CPD Course
  5.  Games one day CPD Course
  6. Athletics one day CPD Course

Each session will focus on teaching primary aged pupils across these areas of activities, approaches to learning and development, assessment and progression.

This package is HIGHLY RECOMMEND to deliver a sustainable legacy whilst ensuring that the PE and sport premium makes an impact upon all pupils who are taught by staff who have undertaken this training – facilitating delivery of national key indicator 3 while increasing activity levels (indicator 1) and raising the profile of PE (indicator 2).

Package Start Date: September 2019 – Dates across 2019/20 academic year

Venues: School(s) based in and around Norwich, Norfolk for the one day courses or YOUR school for a twilight

Timings: All dates will start at 09:30 and conclude at 16:00

Cost: £800 – Saving you over £400!



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