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International Schools – On-line UK Qualification in Teaching & Learning in Primary PE


Teach High Quality Physical Education in Your Primary School!

Train – Gain – Sustain

TRAIN with VisionED and YOUR school, GAIN a UK qualification and SUSTAIN high quality PE for ALL your pupils.

Over the years we have had a significant number of enquiries from colleagues in International Schools or who work abroad asking if they can access the qualification. As a result of this, and by moving completely on-line, we are now able to meet such colleagues needs – colleagues who, for example, have been teaching sport / PE for a number of years in the independent sector but who have no formal PE primary teaching qualification, colleagues who are employed because of their sport specific coaching qualifications or experience as a player. This course is now available to you.

‘I really enjoyed this excellent course with VisionED – the national qualification in Teaching and Learning in Primary PE and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone whether Teacher (QTS), Instructor, Coach, Teaching Assistant or Cover Supervisor. Martin was great, very approachable, always quick to respond, reply to messages and always really supportive. I would definitely recommend the course to others and hope to be able to do the next course soon with VisionED’.  Kirsty Seager – Poringland Primary School, Norfolk


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International Schools Route

On-line UK Qualification in Teaching & Learning in Primary PE (Level 3)

This On-line UK qualification course is adapted for those colleagues teaching in International Schools abroad – such as coaches / instructors, who hold specific coaching awards or playing experience and have been working in schools. It aims to provide an opportunity for learners to gain a UK Qualification – Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Primary PE at Level 3 to enhance and extend their practice, competence and confidence.

It seeks to develop learners confidence and competence in the teaching and learning of primary PE based around the framework set in the UK by the national curriculum. Learners will be able to learn more about this and how their own schools, countries curriculum aligns and differs from that of the UK. Aimed at all those currently working with primary aged children who are or will be deployed to teach physical education.

It is suitable for Teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) or country based equivalents, wishing to upskill themselves, Learning Support Staff (HLTA’s / Teaching Assistants) deployed to teach PE as well as PE / Sports Instructors / Cover Supervisors, Specialist Sports Coaches wanting to ensure the focus is always upon safe, progressive learning and the needs of the child. It is a perfect mix of school based practical development / learning and theory components delivered via our new on-line platform.

Learner’s can work at their own pace, safe in their own space, progressing at a rate appropriate to their context and preference. School based mentoring and support is similar to that of many initial teacher education routes. Learners must be reasonable strong in comprehending written English and writing in English. We regret that at this stage all communication has to be in English.

With no examinations, no essays, school-based learning for the main part, on-line lessons, knowledge reviews and tasks; it allows you to develop over time becoming more confident and competent in your teaching, improving outcomes for pupils. 

This course is highly recommended in achieving impact within a primary phase school setting (Pupils aged 5-11 years). It develops, in partnership with your school, your experience, skills, training and provides upon successful completion – a qualification approved by Ofqual and on the Registered Qualification Framework (RQF) in the United Kingdom. This qualification is recognised anywhere that UK based qualifications are accepted.

Learning Outcomes

Through this course the learner will:-

  • Know the expectations for pupils for Physical Education (PE) in primary schools
  • Be able to plan inclusive primary PE lessons
  • Be able to deliver lessons in primary PE that reflect the PE Teaching Competence Standards (PETCS)
  • Be able to develop pupils’ wider skills through PE
  • Be able to support the progress and achievement in PE of all pupils
  • Be able to develop and plan for own Continued Professional Development (CPD) in PE

The purpose of this course is to support the development of high quality PE for all pupils in primary schools by empowering teachers, school staff and coaches to deliver it for all pupils. The course builds a school’s capacity, resilience and ability to sustain high quality PE for all current and all future pupils. Learners must evidence their ability to meet all the assessment criteria, including the PE Teaching Competence Standards (PETCS), successfully complete all lessons, tasks, knowledge reviews on-line, be signed off by their headteacher against the assessment criteria, submit a series of detailed lesson plans which they have taught whilst being observed and that are evaluated, show evidence of assessing pupils progress and detailed observation for learning. On-line lessons and tasks include developing cross-curricular learning and supporting the development of literacy and numeracy through PE.

“VisionED believes that every child is entitled to and should experience high quality physical education irrespective of any factor. High quality PE is not just the domain of the few but should be open, accessible and appropriately challenging for all.”

This route is only available to learners in International Schools and who are competent in English – comprehension and writing. Tasks are scaffolded with examples to support learners and a tutor will provide feedback on all tasks within 48 hours.

Qualification Level: Certificate at Level 3 (Regulated Qualification Framework – RQF) United Kingdom

Course Prerequisites:

  • Learners should be competent in English [comprehension and writing], including speaking
  • Learners should be working in a primary phased school with pupils / students aged 5 – 11 years
  • Bookings will only be accepted from Schools for members of their staff. We regret that we cannot accept individual bookings from learners not working in schools, or affiliated to an education establishment
  • Learners must be over 21 years of age
  • Learners will need to have access to a computer for on-line working
  • Learners will need a school-based mentor to support their progress


‘My biggest improvement would be my understanding and being able to plan and adapt sessions and activities based on a student needs and disabilities to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to take part in PE. An improvement that has massively improved my teaching would be my confidence, although this seems small, having more confidence from what mentors and this course have taught me has made my teaching much more effective for pupils’ engagement and progressions. My skills of assessing pupils progress have improved massively- this is something I’d never done before this course and now I understand the importance of assessing the pupils progress and how much this can benefit the planning and delivery of future lessons to assist the pupils as much as they need.’ – Georgina Belton, Langham Primary (January 2022)



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