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The Impact of our National Qualifications

1 October 2019

Great feedback about our Leadership & Management in Primary PE Course

‘Before starting the PE leadership, Level 4 qualification, I was new to the role and was somewhat apprehensive about the enormity of the subject, wanting to do my best with the more limited knowledge I had. The sessions as a group left me feeling inspired, motivated and gave me the toolkit I needed to lead PE clearly and purposefully. I really enjoyed the sessions, networking with other PE leads and completing the portfolio really helped me to realise the learning journey that I had been on and highlighted how much I had learnt. It directed me to the most up date the information, guidance and pedagogy. My confidence with spending the sports premium to ensure it has the most impact and my general ability as a subject leader has increased tremendously. I would definitely recommend this course to other people in the same situation! I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity.’

Katie Marriott – PE Leader, Wicklewood Primary School October 2019

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