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New ZOOM on-line Gymnastics CPD Launched

20 October 2020

Curricular Gymnastics CPD provided live and through Zoom

With the current Covid landscape and the need to provide ‘secure’ settings for staff and pupils our new ZOOM based training can help ensure your staff receive the CPD they are entitled to and need whilst following Covid secure requirements.

Your booking is bespoke to your school and setting. We tailor the delivery to meet your needs, resources available, staffing, pupils. Each session is pre-planned with you and we build resources to accompany and support the session.

Using Zoom allows us to offer break-out rooms allowing your staff ‘bubbles’ to operate intact or to support staff colleagues who may be self-isolating etc. Sessions can also therefore be tailored to deliver foci specific to KS1 classes and KS2 classes making potentially a greater impact. We’ll talk to you about this to help plan your session, the level of interactivity etc.

Using video conferencing capabilities through Zoom we are able to offer an effective CPD experience which includes:

  • Bespoke pre-session planning with YOU to ensure meeting need
  • Targeted content based on above
  • Live Chat – ability for staff to raise questions during session
  • Registration (if required) allows staff to raise questions specifically about session (anon) prior to Zoom session
  • Break-out rooms to allow staff to remain in ‘Bubbles’
  • Key stage specific tasks – accessing Break-out rooms
  • Interactive sessions
  • Resources – shared pre-course (where appropriate), during course or post course
  • Certificates of Attendance

We can cover all curricular aspects from guidance on planning, teaching and assessing pupil progress. Sessions can be active or interactive in staff-room, hall, class-base or even home with colleagues who may be self-isolating etc.

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