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New PE & sport premium reporting template available

26 May 2021

The new 2020/2021 PE & Sport Premium Reporting Template

This template – to cover the impact of 2019/20 and spend for 2020/21 is now available to download here. Schools need to ensure that they use this template or similar to show how they have used and allocated the funding they receive as well as the IMPACT that this has had. This is to ensure not only compliance but that the funding has had a positive impact upon the children and young people that is was given to do. Additional and Sustainable – the two key words. This must be published on your school website by 31 July 2021.

Schools should note the guidance on the template that all PE and sport premium funding, including that received for 2020/2021 must be spent / allocated by July 31st 2021. Please see the wording below from the Template:

Did you carry forward an underspend from 2019-20 academic year into the current academic year? YES/NO * Delete as applicable

   Total amount carried forward from 2019/2020    £……

+ Total amount for this academic year 2020/2021 £……

                    = Total to be spent by 31st July 2021 £……

We urge schools not to simply go on a spending surge but rather reflect upon their staff teaching skills, teaching resources to support all pupils and to develop and drive up standards of teaching by their own staff as opposed to relying upon outside agencies. When the funding ceases can your staff continue to deliver high quality PE for ALL? Invest in staff development – Train – Gain – Sustain.

We also attach below a Staff PE Skills Audit, which can be freely used to ascertain staff confidence and competence in teaching across the full spectrum of primary PE – including planning, teaching and assessment.

Staff PE Skills Audit – Free Template: Staff PE Skills Auditv01 (L4DL) 2020

Here at VisionED we believe that schools should be looking at investing in staff development (CPD / PD) in order to raise standards, staff confidence & competence as well as to empower staff to continue to develop and deliver high quality PE. We provide fully accredited national qualifications in:

  • Teaching and Learning in Primary PE – Level 3 RQF
  • Leadership & Management in Primary PE – Level 4 RQF

We also offer bespoke CPD for schools across a range of delivery options including 1:1 support, on-line, ZOOM based, in-person delivered sessions including day, half-day and of course twilights. We work with you to ensure that these are bespoke and not just ‘off=-the-shelf’ packages. Take a look at what we offer – we only work with primary schools supporting physical education, the curriculum – to ensure that every child has an entitlement and experience of high quality PE for ALL.

2020/2021 PE & Sport Premium Reporting Template: 2021 PESPremium Reporting Template

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