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FREE Primary Gymnastics Zoom CPD for PE Leaders

25 January 2021

Primary Curricular Gymnastics CPD session via Zoom – FREE

We are committed to ensuring that ALL pupils receive a high quality experience and entitlement in PE. Having delivered literally hundreds of staff CPD sessions on curricular gymnastics over the years, we have had to adapt what we do and how we work to cater for the current situation in schools. Here is a chance for you to sample what we do and engage with us free for a session via Zoom on curricular gymnastics.

We have, as a result of Covid, moved much of our training, including our National Qualifications in Primary PE online and have done the same with staff CPD / INSETs. We have had an excellent response to our Zoom Gymnastics CPD and want to provide those who lead PE in their school with an opportunity to engage in a free session to see what we are about and if they feel that their staff would benefit from such a session. With much lower overheads we have passed on our savings to you making this particular Zoom CPD highly cost effective. We are also able to work with schools and schedule in Zoom sessions after the March 31st 2021 deadline for the spending of last years PE and sport premium.

We are therefore offering a limited number of FREE places on a Zoom Curricular Gymnastics session on February 2nd (1:00-3:30) as an opportunity to engage with VisionED and our approach. We do reserve the right to limit places and to manage engagement to PE Subject Leaders / Teachers in Primary Schools (UK or overseas – such is the benefit of Zoom).


You will need to register using the link at the foot of this post and if spaces are available you will be sent the actual link after approval.

Material shown in the session is only available with bookings for staff CPD / INSET, however some is also available FREE on our website (downloadable – – look under resources).

We are very open about the rationale for offering this – it’s us marketing our services. This is a generic session as opposed to one booked for your specific school which would have been planned with you before the day to ensure that the session reflected the scheme of learning you use, the resources available to you as a school, identified issues etc.

The session explores principles such as linking and thinking about sequences as ‘sentences’ to support literacy and transference of knowledge, the use of questioning to elicit higher order and deeper thinking, maximising learning, rethinking common approaches etc.

The link below is to register your interest in attending, free of charge. If interest is high we may need to limit places and spaces in which case we may consider additional sessions.

Teaching Curricular Gymnastics – Primary
When: Feb 2, 2021 [01:00 – 3:30 PM UK]

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering your interest in attending, we will review your application. If successful you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.


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