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Budget – March 2020 & PESSPA

12 March 2020

The Chancellor has announced a £30million investment into Primary PE to support teaching and teachers along with keeping facilities open.

Supporting and investing in the training and continuous professional development¬† (CPD) of teachers and school staff delivering PESSPA is very welcome. Confident, competent teachers and school staff who are knowledgeable and even enthusiastic about the importance of PESSPA make an impact. Every child should receive a high quality experience and entitlement in physical education. This is what we work to achieve, it’s our belief and our driving passion. We work to empower schools.

Our only reservation / concern over this new approach reflects where will this funding be given? Will it be through sport based bodies, secondary hubs, certain organisations and companies limiting schools ability to select the quality of provision and provider which meets their needs? There will be more detail coming I am sure.

PE and Sport Premium (PESP):

In terms of what this means for PE and Sport Premium – at present this is still unclear. The government is unable to fund policies / approaches twice so if funding is to be provided for primary PE teacher training and CPD in one way then it can’t be double funded through another. PESP provides for PE based CPD through the requirements or Key Indicators, in this case KI 3.

It is our understanding that the PE and Sport Premium was not to be mentioned in this ‘first budget’ of 2020 but rather after the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR). With a second budget due in November 2020 then perhaps more clarity will appear. We will continue to monitor this and as and when more information is available we will share with you.

Our advice / approach:

Prepare for a worse case scenario, ensure that what you have is sustainable and impactful. Invest NOW in your staff through high quality CPD, accredited courses (like our national qualification programmes) and planning your progressive, sequenced learning journey.

Review the quality of your provision, audit your staff’s confidence and competence to deliver PE – what would happen if you could no longer fund the additional staffing for PE? Bring in specialist CPD support for your Subject Leaders to ensure that as a result of all the funding received to date there is a lasting legacy of high quality teaching and learning which supports the pupils personal development, behaviours and attitudes leading to a high quality PE provision / quality of education.

We can offer bespoke CPD and support to help you with every aspect, from sequencing the learning, sourcing a progressive long-term / medium term plan, creating and aligning your vision and implementing it. Contact us today: or 07447057792 to discuss our offer and your needs.


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